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1967 NCAA Notre Dame vs Illinois B+W Gamefilm Radio Merge/60 Mins

1956 NCAA Maryland vs Syracuse B+W Silent Gamefilm/ 31 Mins

1952 Gator Bowl Clemson vs Miami, Fl Color/Play by Play narration/29 Mins

1968 Sugar Bowl LSU vs Wyoming Color Gamefilm Narrated/ 29 Mins


1961 Rose Bowl Washington vs Minnesota 57 Mins/Color/EH/w Play by Play

1947 Sugar Bowl Georgia vs North Carolina 37 Mins/Color Gamefilm/Play by Play

1949 Sugar Bowl Oklahoma vs North Carolina 34 Minutes/Color Gamefilm/Play by Play

1951 Sugar Bowl #1 Tennessee vs #3 Maryland 36 Mins/Color Gamefilm/Play by Play

1955 Sugar Bowl Navy vs Ole Miss 36 Mins/ Color Gamefilm/Play by Play

1956 Sugar Bowl Georgia Tech vs Pitt 34 Mins/ Color Gamefilm/Play by Play

1957 Sugar Bowl Baylor vs Tennessee 34 Mins/ Color Gamefilm/Play by Play

1958 Sugar Bowl Ole Miss vs Texas 34 Mins/ Color Gamefilm /Play by Play

1960 Sugar Bowl Ole Miss vs LSU/ 30 Mins/Color Gamefilm/Narrated

1962 Sugar Bowl #9 Arkansas vs #1 Alabama 28 Mins/ Color Gamefilm/Play by Play

1964 Sugar Bowl #8 Alabama vs #7 Ole Miss 33 Mins/Color Gamefilm/Play by Play

1950 Kentucky vs Tennessee/Silent Color Gamefilm/ 49 mins

1956/1959 Big Ten Highlights B+W with Narration 55 Mins

1958 Alabama vs Georgia Tech B+W Gamefilm Silent 30 Mins

1958/1959 Nebraska vs Oklahoma Gamefilm B+W/ 70 Mins

1960 Gator Bowl Ga Tech vs Arkansas Silent Color Gamefilm/46 Mins

1960 Texas vs Texas A+M Gamefilm B+W Gamefilm w/ Music 42 Mins

1969 Tennessee vs Florida and vs Georgia Color Gamefilm/Crowd Noise Only/ 86 Mins

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