<p>1980 Week 1       Houston Oilers at Pittsburgh Steelers  NBC/ 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 1      Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins (ABC MNF / Orig Comm/ 7-/10 Art Monk's 1st Game ends in a Skins loss.

<p>1980 Week 1     Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (SomeInterference) CBS/ 6+/10

<p>1980 Week 1     Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots  NBC/ 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 1     Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs   NBC (6.5/10)

<p>1980 Week 1    New York Giants at St Louis Cardinals CBS/ 6+/10

<p>1980 Week 1    Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Rams CBS Orig/ 7/10

 <p>1980 Week 1    San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints ( CBS/OrigComm/7/10

 <p>1980 Week 1  Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cincinnati Bengals CBS/7/10 (Played in Downpour)


<p>1980 Week 2  |  New Orleans at Chicago Bears  CBS/ 7.5/10

<p>1980 Week 2  |  Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers  NBC Orig / 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 2  |  Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Colts  NBC/ 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 2 Houston Oilers at Cleveland Browns (ABC MNF) 6.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 2 Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos  CBS/ Orig Comm/ 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 2  Washington Redskins at New York Giants CBS/Half/6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 2 St Louis Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers CBS/ Orig Comm/ 7/10

<p>1980 Week 2 Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers  CBS/Orig Comm/ 7.5/10

<p>1980 Week 2 Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots  CBS/ Orig Comm/ 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 2 Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  ABC TNF/ 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 2 Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings CBS/OrigComm/7-/10

<p>1980 Week 3  |  San Francisco 49ers at New York Jets (JIP) CBS /Orig Comm/ 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 3 Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears  CBS / 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 3  |  New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles  ABC MNF/ Half/ 7/10

<p>1980 Week 3  |  Baltimore Colts at Houston Oilers  NBC Orig / 6.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 3  |  Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints  NBC / 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 3  Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals  NBC / 7/10

<p>1980 Week 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys  CBS/ Orig Comm/ 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 3 Washington Redskins at Oakland Raiders NBC/ 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 3  St Louis Cardinals at Detroit Lions  CBS / Orig Comm/ 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 3 Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons NBC/7/10

<p>1980 Week 3 New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks NBC/OrigComm/6.5/10



<p>1980 Week 4 New York Jets at Baltimore Colts  NBC/ Orig Comm/7+/10 JIP 7:51 1st

<p>1980 Week 4  Seattle Seahawks at Washington Redskins  NBC/ 7.5/10

<p>1980 Week  4   Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants  CBS/ 7.5-/10

<p>1980 Week  4  |  Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  (No Kickoff) NBC/ 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 4 Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers  CBS / 7.5/10

<p>1980 Week 4 |  Houston Oilers at Cincinnati Bengals  NBC/  6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 4 Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers  CBS/ 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 4 Philadelphia Eagles at St Louis Cardinals CBS/ Half/ 7/10

<p>1980 Week 4 |  Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills NBC Orig/ 6.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 4   Denver Broncos at New England Patriots  ABC MNF/ 6.5+/10

<p>1980 Week 4   Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions  CBS/ Orig Comm/ 7/10

<p>1980 Week 4 New Orleans Saints at Miami Dolphins CBS/OrigComm/7+/10


<p>1980 Week 5  |  Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons  CBS/ 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 5 |  Seattle Seahawks at Houston Oilers  NBC/ 7+/10

<p> 1980 Week 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears (ABC MNF) / 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 5 Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings  NBC/ 6.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 5 New York Giants at Dallas Cowoys CBS/ 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 5 Buffalo Bills at San Diego Chargers NBC/7/10



<p>1980 Week 6  |  Washington Redskins at Denver Broncos (ABC MNF) 7-/10 (Audio Hiss)

<p>1980 Week 6  |  Houston Oilers at Kansas City Chiefs  NBC/ 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 6 San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders JIP/ NBC / 7.5/10

<p> 1980 Week 6 Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings  CBS / 7.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 6 San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys  CBS/ Orig Comm/ 6.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 6 Cleveland Browns at Seattle Seahawks NBC/7/10

<p>1980 Week 6   Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers NBC/ 7.5/10

<p>1980 week 6 New Orleans Saints at Detroit Lions CBS/Origcomm/7/10


<p>1980 Week 7  |  Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Houston Oilers  NBC/ 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 7 Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers (ABC MNF) Orig Comm/ 8/10

<p> 1980 Week 7 Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears  CBS/ 7/10

<p>1980 Week 7 Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints CBS/7-/10

<p>1980 Week 7 Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles CBS/7+/10

<p>1980 Week 7  New York Giants at San Diego Chargers  CBS/Half/7/10

<p>1980 Week 7 Green Bay Packers at Cleveland Browns CBS/7+/10


<p>1980 Week 8 St Louis Cardinals at Baltimore Colts CBS/ Orig Comm/ 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 8  |  Detroit Lions at Kansas City Chiefs  CBS/Orig Comm/7.5/10

<p>1980 Week 8| Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns NBCOrig/ Orig Comm/ 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 8  |  Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Oilers  NBC/ 6/10

<p>1980 Week 8 Miami Dolphins at New York Jets ABC MNF/6.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 8 Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles  CBS/ 6.5+/10

<p>1980 Week 8 San Diego Chargers at Dallas Cowboys  ABC SNF/ Orig Comm/ 6+/10

<p> 1980 Week 8  Los Angeles Rams at Atlanta Falcons  CBS/ 6.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 8 Seattle Seahawks  at Oakland Raiders (NBC / 6.5+/10)

<p>1980 Week 9  |  Houston Oilers at Denver Broncos (JIP)  NBC/ 6/10 Poor

<p>1980 Week 9  Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers  CBS 7+/10 (Currently Unavailable)

<p>1980 Week 9  Dallas Cowboys at St Louis Cardinals CBS/6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 9  New Orlean Saints at Los Angeles Rams CBS/OrigComm/7.5+/10

<p>1980 Week 9 Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills CBS/6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 9  New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers CBS 7/10

<p>1980 Week 9  Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns (ABC MNF) 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 9 Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks CBS/OrigComm/7/10

<p>1980 Week 9    San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions  CBS/ Half/OrigComm/ 7/10


<p>1980 Week 10  |  Washington Redskins at Chicago Bears  CBS/ Pre/Half/ 7/10

<p>1980 Week 10    Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  NBC/6.5-/10 /EH

<p>1980 Week 10 Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Rams NBC/7+/10

<p>1980 Week 10 DetroitLions at Minnesota Vikings CBS/OrigComm/7+/10

<p>1980 Week 10 San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers CBS/6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 10 Buffalo Bills at New York Jets NBC/6+/10

<p>1980 Week 10  |  Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Colts  NBC/ Orig Comm/ 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 10  |  Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants CBS/ Orig Comm/ 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 10 |  Houston Oilers at New England Patriots (ABC MNF) 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 10     Atlanta Falcons at St Louis Cardinals  CBS/ 7/10

<p>1980 Week 10   Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks NBC/ Orig Comm/ 7/10


<p>1980 Week 11 Baltimore Colts at Detroit Lions NBC/Orig Comm/ 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 11   St Louis Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys  CBS/ Orig Comm/ 6.5+/10

<p>1980 WEEK 11 HOUSTON OILERS AT CHICAGO BEARS (E. CAMPBELL VS W. PAYTON) NBC / 7+/10  JIP 12:00 left 1st qtr

<p>1980 Week 11  |  Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings  CBS/ 6.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 11 Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahwks (ABC MNF) 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 11  |  Los Angeles at New England Patriots  CBS /. 6+/10

<p>1980 Week 11  |  Green Bay Packers at New York Giants  CBS/ 6+/10

<p>1980 Week 11 New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons CBS/OrigComm/7/10

<p>1980 Week 11 San Francisco 49ers at Miami Dolphins CBS/OrigComm/7.5-/10


<p>1980 Week 12  Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns  NBC 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 12    Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills  NBC + Radio Merge/ 7-/10

 <p>1980 Week 12   Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys  CBS/ Orig Comm/ 6.5/10

<p> 1980 Week 12   Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons  CBS/ 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 12    Houston Oilers at New York Jets  NBC 6.5+/10 

<p>1980 Week 12    San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins  ABC MNF 6.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 12    Baltimore Colts at New England Patriots NBC/ Orig Comm/ 7+/10

 <p>1980 Week 12 Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers CBS/OrigComm/7/10

 <p>1980 Week 12 New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers CBS/OrigComm/7.5-/10

 <p>1980 Week 12 Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings CBS/7+/10




<p>1980 Week 13 | Cleveland Browns at Houston Oilers  NBC 6-/10 Poor

<p>1980 Week 13    Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions (Thanksgiving) CBS 7.5+/10

<p>1980 Week 13  Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders (ABC MNF 6.5/10)

<p>1980 Week 13   Philadelphia Eagles at San Diego Chargers  CBSOrig 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 13    Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers  NBC/ 6.5-/10  

<p>1980 Week 13  Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys

<p>1980 Week 13 Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints CBS/Orig/7-/10

<p>1980 Week 13 St Louis Cardinals at New York Giants CBS/7/10

1980 Week 13 Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers NBC Orig/ 6.5/10/ Edited Huddles 



<p>1980 Week 14 Minnesota Vikings at Tampa Bay Buccaneers CBS/Orig Comm/ 7.5/10

<p>1980 Week 14 Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears (Bears Win 61-7) CBS Orig/ 7-/10 Bears Lay 61 Points on GB/ Vince Evans 18-22 316 Yds 3 TD Perfect QB Rating!

<p>1980 Week 14  |  New Orleans at San Francisco 49ers CBS / Orig Comm / 7.5+/10 ONE OF THE BIGGEST COMEBACKS EVER FROM DOWN 35-7!!

<p>1980 Week 14 Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders  CBS/ Orig Comm/ 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 14|  Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Oilers  ABC MNF/ 6.5-/10

<P>1980 Week 14 San Diego Chargers at Washington Redskins  NBC/ 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 14 New York Jets at Cleveland Browns NBC 7-/10

<p>1980 Week 14  Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles  CBS/ 7.5/10

<p>1980 Week 14 Detroit Lions at St Louis Cardinals CBS/ Orig Comm/ 6.5/10

 <p>1980 Week 14 New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks CBS/OrigComm/7.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 14 Los Angeles Rams at Buffalo Bills CBS/7-/10

<p>1980 Week 14 New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins ABC MNF/6.5/10/Missing 1st Qtr/Lennon Death Announcement


<p>1980 Week 15  |  Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings (RASHAD MAKES MIRACLE CATCH) NBC / 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 15  Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams (ABC MNF 6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 15 Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots NBC/7/10

<p>1980 Week 15 Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers NBC/6.5/10

<p>1980 Week 15 San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons CBS/7+/10

<p>1980 Week 15 New York Giants at Washington Redskins CBS/6+/10

<p>1980 Week 15  Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions CBS/ 6.5-/10

<p>1980 Week 15 Houston Oilers at Green Bay Packers  NBC/ 6/10

<p> 1980 Week 15 Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos  NBC 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 15 New Orleans Saints at NY Jets  (Saints Only Win Of 1980)CBS Orig/ 7.5/10

<p>1980 Week 16  |  Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals  NBC/ 6+/10

<p>1980 Week 16|  Minnesota Vikings at Houston Oilers  CBS/ 6/10 Poor

<p> 1980 Week 16     Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers  CBS 7+/10

<p>1980 Week 16     Oakland Raiders  at NY Giants NBC 6.5-/10  (Wavy Pic)

<p>1980 Week 16   Pittsburgh Steelers at San Diego Chargers  ABC MNF/ Half/OrigComm/ 6.5+/10 (Missing Last 2:00 1st qtr)

<p>1980 Week 16 New York Jets at Miami Dolphins ( NO COMMENTARY GAME)
NBC/ 6+/10

<p>1980 Week 16  Washington Redskins at St Louis Cardinals  CBS/ Orig Comm/Half/ 7.5/10)

<p>1980 Week 16   Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams  CBS/ 7+/10

<P>1980 Week 16 Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys
(CBS Orig /OrigComm/7-/10)